Includes peer-reviewed publications, technical reports, and theses

. Biomechanical Simulation and Control of Hands and Tendinous Systems. SIGGRAPH, 2015.

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. Design of Variable Resolution for Model Selection. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2014.

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Current appointments

I am a co-lead TA for CPSC 103 (Introduction to Systematic Programming Design). I’m also a facilitator for the internationally recognized Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) at the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

Past teaching experience

  • Instructor for CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis (Winter 2017)

Past TA experience

  • TA for CPSC 542G: Topics in Numerical Computation (graduate breadth course)
  • Lead TA for CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • TA for CPSC 312: Functional and Logic Programming
  • TA for CPSC 303: Numerical Approximation and Discretization

Teaching philosophy

See my teaching philosophy statement.


Some personal and other details

  • I’m the co-organizer (along with Chen Greif) of the UBC Scientific Computing, Applied and Industrial Math (SCAIM) seminar series.
  • I write (and occasionally perform) computer science-/academia-themed parody songs. Check out my collection of parody lyrics!
  • My husband Nick is also a Ph.D. student in computer science at UBC. You might notice that, as of this writing, we are using the same pre-made website template… now that’s what I call laziness teamwork!
  • My favourite pastime is reading. Here is a list of my favourite books, as of 2018. (For more details, you can also check out my Goodreads profile.)
  • I like to bake (and share the results at work and social events!). My specialty is sourdough bread, but I also like making challah, focaccia, and some non-bread items like cookies, ├ęclairs, and the occasional math-themed cake.